Eloam doc scanner, known as high-speed portable document scanner, is a new ultra-portable, low-carbon office product which has been pioneered and developed by Shenzhen Eloam Technology Co., Ltd.

  Connecting it with the pc via USB cable, then software controls to make the scanning.Comparing with traditional flatbed scanner, the highlighted and apparent advantages of High-speed Doc Scanner is: It could scan any paper documents, 3D objects in a fraction of one second, having multi functions such as Auto-scan,Video recording, Image Editing and processing, OCR, PDF creating, printing, e-faxing, email etc.. The foldaway design and plug-in-play make your office working easier, faster, more environmental-friendly.

  • S300L
  • S300L
  • S300L
  • S300L
Capture Size A4/A5
Resolution 2048×1536
Doc  Format PDF、WORD、TXT
Video  Format AVI、WMV
Sensor  Element CMOS
Interface Type USB2.0
Light Source Nature light+LED
Accessories Manual,CD-ROM,USB cable, QC pass label, Doc mat


Fast scanning about 1 second, Omnipotence scanner
3 Mega Pixel HD camera to capture documents, data, bills, certificates, books, real objects etc.about 1 second.


Built-in touch LED lights
High brightness LED lights to make sure normal working even in the darkness, touch switch for easy operation


Selectable fixed hard scan mat ensure steady and accuracy location
Hard scan mat with scales  is fixed with scanner bottom to make the scanner more steady and file location more accuracy and easily.


Professional Eloam DocScanner software highly improve office working efficiency
Eloam software with outstanding functions such as fast scanning, auto-scanning, video recording, PDF creating, e-fax,Email, etc highly improves office working efficiency.


Super powerful OCR recognition function
Eloam document scanner possess the advanced OCR technology by which more than 180 languages, tables; bars, C++. Java and other special symbols can be recognized through automatically analyzing the sections. The recognition rate reaches up to 98%, supporting the mixed recognition of multi-language, character, and numbers with the same layouts results as original images. OCR documents can export directly to word or excel format..


Fast scanning, One-click-scan
One-click the “scan”button to finish the scanning within one second.

Almighty scan
Scan documents, data, bills, certificates, books, real objects etc.

Auto-scan as per the setting interval time
Auto-scan books or volumes of files as per the setting interval time to make the scanning more easier and faster.

Video Recording
Recording and play media demonstration videos,
Apply to record experimental steps, product training, demonstration etc.

Images editing and processing
Powerful image edit functions, such as cropping, rotating, annotation, adjusting the value of hue, contrast, brightness and  binaryzation, etc.

Leading OCR Technology
Eloam has leading OCR technology comparing with their competitors, with recognition accuracy up to 98%; changing image files with characters, tables, symbols to editable word files; supporting multi international languages OCR.

PDF Creating
One-click to make PDF creating, then checking it via many devices.

All-in-one office equipment
Printing, Email, E-faxing to achieve multi-functional office requirements.





Advertising and Designing Company
One-click-scan and edit any posters, brochures,Leaflets, as well as many kinds of engineering drawings in large format for record to save paper and reduce cost.



Medical industry
Scan and save the patient's medical history, lab test, CT-chip X-ray



Government department
Scan and store all types of government office documents, to establish a government office repository of information through electronic networking. Information sharing through electronic networking, the entire process paperless green operations to achieve energy conservation.Particularly suitable for the land and resources bureau, public security, industrial and commercial tax and other institutions.



Financial sector
Quick scan of various types of information, to effectively reduce customer queuing time and improve service quality; HD scan and classification storage a variety of business forms, documents, established digital management system, and improve business efficiency.



Education field
Supplementary information, exam papers and other paper document scanning and storage; recording video, real-time projection, multimedia teaching.



Other Enterprises
The daily document scanning and storage, promoting enterprise paperless office, saving office cost, real-time transmission after scanning, Improving office efficiency.